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Project: Herbarium
Task: French–German localisation

Organic marsh samphire (Salicornia herbacea)
Organic marsh samphire can be found along all the shorelines of Europe and every year it produces cylindrical branches that resemble a type of ragged cactus. Beneath this ragged exterior, the plant has developed quite a remarkable biological organization – it is halophilic (it likes salt) and perfectly able to survive in its harsh coastline conditions. It also resists tidal flows by regulating the water level in its cells. Used as a food because of its high content of vitamins and minerals, organic marsh samphire also produces an oil which is perfectly suitable for use in skin care. In cosmetics, organic marsh samphire extract helps retain water in epidermal cells to provide skin with optimal moisturisation.

Project: Consumer materials
Task: Copywriting, German–English/French localisation, review of English and French versions

Consumer brochures, product information, including packaging and package leaflets, POS materials, ads, and similar.

Project: Image brochure
Task: English–German transcreation

Etra Etro

Four cinnamon sticks from Ceylon

a good handful of allspice
two glasses of milk
a few drops of geranium
and rose essence
sandalwood, amber, vanilla
and musk, a dash of each

Etra, Queen of Troezen, mother of Theseus, abducted into slavery by the Trojans, who became the handmaiden of Helen. But also the female version of Etro, to tell the story of a dual-faced myth which looks towards the Eastern Mediterranean, to the spice road. Ancient echoes reinterpreted in an ultra-modern key, from the swaying curtains of caravans to glass-walled skyscrapers, nostalgia that turns into a yearning to project ourselves into the future. A slightly pungent fragrance, for him or for her, softened by floral and vanilla undertones, which sandalwood makes more enveloping and amber and musk more sexy. Catching the attention with calm assurance, sometimes serious, sometimes playful, with determination and impeccable manners. Like a sophisticated comedy, which lightens up and reworks the myth.

Dear friend/ be generous and brave/ be a provoker, be quick/ be crazy and fool/ be wise and innocent/ be impulsive and incredible/ be simple and true/ Be everything you want to be/ extremely alive.
Violet Trefusis, Be everything you want to be, 1937

Project: Méthode Beauté Active
Task: English–German localisation

Various projects for the brand pillar ‘life balance’: 360° Beauty Diagnosis, facial yoga, recipes, and similar.